Master Thesis

HTW Berlin - currently in development | UE4

Concept and prototype of a climbing game
mechanic through an inverse kinematic
model of the arms and legs.


HTW Berlin 2015 | UE4

A Trading-Card-Game adaptation
of the German classic "Doppelkopf"
featuring artwork and oncard rule descriptions.


HTW Berlin 2014 | UDK3

Collaboration with the HTW's game design program
attempting a slice of a fully designed sidescroller
through post-WWII Berlin.


HTW Berlin 2014 | Unity4

A Construction and Survival Simulator
based around dynamic weather conditions
and local resource transportation via pipelines.

Hard Copy

Concordia University Montreal 2012 | Unity3D

Prototyped 1st-Person-Puzzler allowing to swap
all materials, and properties, of any object
to advance through the game world.

Wild & Tame

Bremen University 2011 | Arduino

A robot system propelling itself in 360°
through 32 independent pistons driven by servos
and a realtime 9DOF system of sensors.

Michele Krüger


gameplay programming (soon-to-be-post) graduate

Berlin 2015