Grand Values

Bearhands Studio | Unity5

A narrative driven Third-Person-Stealth game featuring patroulling AI guards, climbing, covering and an intricate pickpocketing system.

Master Thesis

HTW Berlin 2015 | UE4

An 80 page scientific thesis on concepting and prototyping a climbing game mechanic through a fullbody inverse kinematic model.

Twin Head

HTW Berlin 2015 | UE4

A Trading-Card-Game adaptation of the German classic "Doppelkopf" featuring unique artwork and on-card rules that adapt to the board situation.


HTW Berlin 2014 | UDK

Collaboration with the HTW's game design program attempting a slice of a fully designed sidescroller through a panorama of post-WWII Berlin.


about previous projects. - Berlin 2015

Michele Krüger

is a gameplay progamming
postgraduate (M.Sc.)
from Berlin.

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